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powerex company rebrand

After 32 years in the business, Powerex was ready to update our logo to a modern, elegant design to better align with the direction of the company as we continue to grow and modernize our business.

Since our beginning in 1988, Powerex has grown to be an industry-leading manufacturer of NFPA 99 medical gas systems, oil-less compressed air systems, and vacuum systems. Throughout this time we have invested heavily in new, innovative product technologies, customer support infrastructure, and expanded US-based manufacturing capacity – and we are continuing to do so! Along with the updated corporate logo, I developed a logo for our Medical segment, to help set us apart in the industry the same way our products do. The Powerex Medical logo is now used on all of our NFPA 99-compliant products for medical and laboratory applications.

If you're interested in learning more about Powerex, please visit their website at

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